We will be the largest global community of lifelong learners by 2020.


We intentionally integrate learning and reflection into daily life.


We are a catalyst for human connection and social change.



Awareness is critical for meaningful transformation

Transformation happens when we are aware of what matters to us and why our goals are worth pursuing.


Together, we are stronger and more powerful than we can ever  be alone

Learning with others elevates our individual potential and collective wisdom.   


Everyone has a purpose that can be fulfilled

People have the power to fulfill their purpose when they have the space, support, and resources.


Technology is a gift for humanity

We are responsible for using it wisely.

Why Choose HiveQuest?


80% of people report feeling a greater sense of wellbeing, increased clarity and focus, and a stronger connection to others.

Focused on
Human Development

We specialize in developing values, skills, and mindsets that help people and teams work better together.

Designed by
Educational Experts

Our team of adult learning experts design our products and programs with the diverse needs of the modern learner in mind.

Our Offerings

Gratitude Blooming

39 reflection cards inspired by nature to create greater awareness, wellbeing, peace, and connection in your life!

Lead On Purpose

Leadership development and experiential learning series that cultivates a community of heart-centered and purpose-driven leaders across different industries to share their wisdom and insights!


Mindful Engagement

Cards to support your team and organization in practicing your core values and creating a truly inclusive culture!

  • "The HiveQuest experience was energizing and gave me time to focus on something that I truly value. It made me take a moment to pause and think about something other than my to do’s. I enjoyed expressing gratitude in different ways."

    Dan, Leader
    Dan, Leader HopeLab
  • “The weekly reflection questions kept me accountable to my core values. The HiveQuest experience focused our team collaborations, so that we could problem solve together and see that we are not alone in our struggles.”

    Mary Kay, Coach
    Mary Kay, Coach The Education Trust-Midwest
  • “HiveQuest made me acutely aware of how important it is to love what you do. I feel so energized and joyful at work because of my community and our shared purpose.”

    Jamie, Manager
    Jamie, Manager Ernest and Young
  • “HiveQuest helped us create an engaging, grassroots process to discover our employees' core values. We now use these core values to guide our work and support our ongoing efforts to strengthen our employee culture on behalf of the students, families and community we serve.”

    Jill, Human Resources
    Jill, Human Resources San Francisco Unified School District
  • “HiveQuest offered the best diversity and inclusion experience I have ever undertaken—it doesn't just scratch the surface, it really dives deep. It is emotionally charged, cathartic, causes you to question, and trust.”

    Simmone, Consultant
    Simmone, Consultant Innovatory Solutions
  • “The thinking that I did as a result of the group exercises pushed me to spend more time examining how I see the world and what the world shows me. I also valued seeing other people's posts so much. It deepened my learning to read their perspectives.”

    Nancy, Coach
    Nancy, Coach Crescent Coaching
  • “I loved the prompts and opportunity to think about this. I found the exercises to be very provocative and relevant. I felt opened up by other's perspectives.”

    Chris, Organizational Thought Leader
    Chris, Organizational Thought Leader Consulting

People who love us



Belinda Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Belinda is a teacher, community builder, and entrepreneur.
For over a decade, she worked in the urban public education system to create thriving environments for students to learn and adults to collaborate.
Her superpowers are shining a light on people’s strengths, bringing them out into the world, and creating life-changing group learning experiences!

Stephanie Ervin

Chief Program and Culture Officer

Stephanie is a heart-centered coach and thought leader in adult learning and people development.
She has co-founded and led strengths-based leadership pathways in large education institutions. Her work on communities of practice has been featured in Mills College’s research publications Her superpower is her ability to inspire organizations and individuals to intentionally connect with their purpose.

Melissa Shaffer

Community Relations Manager

Melissa is a masterful relationship builder who uses her passion and background in positive psychology and social emotional learning to foster strong communications, collaborations and partnerships.
Her superpowers are her strong sense of empathy and natural curiosity, which she uses to help others connect with the people and world around them.

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