Gratitude Blooming Card Deck

Original drawings by Arlene Kim Suda
Joint project by and

What do you notice when you truly stop and appreciate what is around you? GRATITUDE BLOOMING is a set of 36 cards that provides curious new ways of seeing and cultivating gratitude in your life.


Each card contains an original handmade drawing of a flower or plant by San Francisco artist, Arlene Kim Suda, capturing the inspiration she’s received when seeing and appreciating the plants in her garden. Inspired by this, Arlene and Belinda Liu, founder of HiveQuest, have developed a deck of reflections on the wisdom of nature and the practice of gratitude in everyday life.

The cards are designed to help you explore the practice of gratitude in your own life, using the beauty of nature to catalyze your thought and action. We invite you to pick a card daily (alone or with others) and reflect on its message and what it might inspire you to do. We encourage you to pass cards along to others who may benefit from them!

Give the gift of gratitude to yourself and the special people in your life!

For just $25, you get:

  • The Gratitude Blooming deck of 36 handmade cards with original drawings
  • Thoughtful reflection prompts for each card
  • Materials: heavy weight cards (2.75 x 4.75 x 0.5 inches) with card box
  • Access to HiveQuests 2-week Gratitude Blooming Challenge

Here’s a testimonial from Marisol, one of our HiveQuesters!

“Such a beautiful concept to practice a gratitude habit with cards! Nature, in general, is something I want to spend more time properly appreciating and looking for as I go about my days, so flowers are a perfect accompaniment for meditating on each card after I work through what the words mean to me.


I try reflecting on things I’m grateful for throughout the week (I’ve never been good at morning gratitude journaling), so these cards are an awesome way to reinforce my intentions.


I like that the words on the cards aren’t cheesy or fluffy–they evoke a lot of awareness and exploration into my deeper thought patterns each day, especially in noticing my reactions to words like “sorrow”, “discovery”, “what do you really see”. They also make great presents!”

– Marisol

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