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 Our Focus for 2018 ~ An Update from the HiveQuest Team

Dear Community,

At HiveQuest, we believe deeply in the power of learning, human connection, and innovation.

As lifelong learners ourselves, we have been on a 3-year journey to achieve our mission of becoming one of the largest global networks for lifelong learners. On this journey, we have discovered many things, most importantly, that in order to reach our mission, we need to make significant changes to tighten our focus.

In 2017, we are at the height of technology in the 21st Century, and yet what the world needs most is HUMAN CONNECTION. Therefore, we are intentionally targeting our efforts towards the creation of quality in-person experiences and products that facilitate deeper group learning and connection.

Our core value to use technology responsibly is still true, and so rather than developing and maintaining our own technology platform, we will guide individuals and organizations in making the best use of the existing technologies available to them.

This shift in focus means we are discontinuing our exclusive HiveQuest online learning platform ( as of December 17, 2017.

If you are interested in accessing the exercises, tips and journal posts for any of the online challenges you led or participated in, please follow these 4 easy steps.

Log into your account at

In “My Challenges”, click “look inside” for the challenge you would like to access.

Under “View Posts”, click “Me”.

Screenshot your posts (instructions here), or copy the text and paste into a document to save.

A huge thank you to our “Hive” community who make this Quest real and authentic. Your honest engagement and feedback give us the drive and determination to do what is needed for the greater good of this hive. We are learning stewards in this world, aligning our superpowers to what the world needs most.

Check out our new and improved website at to learn more about our focused efforts and partnership with Studio Love, EngageMindfully and Project Purpose. In collaboration, we are honored to highlight Gratitude Blooming and Mindful Engagement as thoughtful products that will facilitate greater awareness, well being, and deeper connection in your community!

In solidarity,

Belinda, Melissa, and Stephanie
HiveQuest Team

For inquires related to HiveQuest events and products, please contact Stephanie Ervin at

For inquires related to tech support, contact Melissa Shaffer at

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